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About Rare Diseases...

Rare diseases are by definition those that affect less than 5 in 10 000 people. Even though they are rare, when we take in to consideration the large number of different rare diseases (between 6000 and 7000 different diagnoses), we come to the conclusion that 6 to 8% of the population of Europe is affected. The problems patients and their families face in their everyday life are numerous, from getting the right diagnosis and accessing adequate therapy to social exclusion by living on the margins of society. Despite all the problems, we are witnesses of the inexhaustible energy of patients and their families in their fight for a better tomorrow…

High-quality production

High-quality production

The production house is the Croatian Film Association, an association of non-professional film and video groups. They produced more than 90 movies to date and have won a lot of awards.

Real-life stories

Real-life stories

The movie presents real-life stories of people living with rare diseases and their family members, how they cope with medical and social problems in their everyday life, how society accepts them and how the diseases affect the quality of their lives.

Day by day

Day by day

Day by day, produced as a project of the Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases, the umbrella organization for rare diseases in Croatia, is the first documentary on rare diseases.

Documentary on rare diseases

The first documentary on rare diseases

The documentary on rare diseases concept was developed in order to raise public awareness and that of all persons involved in the care for patients with rare diseases that the patients are not “some people somewhere” and that they need help to break free from the margins of society. Sometimes all that is needed to include patients in the everyday life of society and to help them live a better life is just a little bit of effort. As well as the social problem, the movie will present the difficulty in receiving adequate medical care and expensive therapies and will raise the question of the patient’s position in the health system.

Cinema Tuskanac / Tuskanac 1 / Zagreb

Croatian Film Association

Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases


The Crew
Producer: Vera Robić-Škarica
Scriptwriter: Anja Kladar
Director and cameraman: Boris Poljak
Executive producers: Anja Kladar, Tihana Kreso, Nikola Bišćan
Sound and light: Jure Cukar
Visual design: Robert Veličkovski

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